Middle School at Parkside

Welcome to Parkside

Parkside is committed to consistently meeting standards required by the State of Michigan. The core curriculum consists of instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies, Literacy, and English, and curriculum alignment in each of these subjects is complete and updated to meet the current State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Benchmarks. In addition to our core curriculum, students are also offered the following elective courses: choir, band, orchestra, musical keyboarding, art, physical education, computer technology, life skills, drama, health education, public speaking, and three foreign languages: French, German and Spanish.


We will bring our community together to create a culture of academic excellence and workforce readiness.



We envision a community where all students become lifelong learners.

The Middle School Concept

The students at the Middle School at Parkside are placed into teams, using the Middle School Concept. Core subjects adhere to the curriculum set forth by Jackson Public Schools in alignment with the State of Michigan Standards and Benchmarks. Parkside offers a vast selection of elective courses, or “Encore” classes, ranging from vocal and instrumental music, computers, art, life skills, health and physical education.