Jackson Public Schools

Jackson Public Schools, located in Jackson, Michigan, is a Kindergarten through 12th grade district which serves over 6,000 students in 2 high schools, 1 middle school, and 8 elementary schools. JPS employs approximately 450 teachers and 400 other employees to meet the needs of its students. Jackson Public Schools also provides comprehensive special education, alternative education, and adult education services.

Jackson Public Schools combines a rich tradition of academic excellence with the latest teaching techniques to set the standard for education in Jackson County.

With the best resources, up-to-date technology, an experienced teaching staff, more grant-funded programs and an extensive support system, Jackson Public Schools offers our community the best educational opportunities in the area.

The Jackson Public Schools system “expects success” for each child who comes through its doors. JPS wants every student to have a sense of belonging, to feel safe, to learn, grow and thrive, both educationally and socially.

When it comes to curriculum, no other county school district offers the depth, the breadth, the diversity or the quality at every level of the educational spectrum. Jackson Public Schools provides students with a real-life education for today’s world that includes a strong emphasis on the basics, an outstanding computer-to-student ratio, more opportunities than any other district in the area, and more multi-cultural experiences.

The exceptional curriculum offered by the Jackson Public Schools starts with pre-school opportunities that emphasize early child development and testing. Jackson Public Schools was one of the first districts in the area to offer a comprehensive all-day kindergarten. JPS’ elementary curriculum is designed to give students individual attention and challenges them with rich content and hands-on learning experiences. The elementary curriculum is exceptional and prepares students for math, reading, and writing assessment tests and the challenging JPS secondary curriculum. Elementary programs provide diversity with special literacy programs as well as special classrooms for gifted and talented students. The curriculum is prepared by teachers who are 100 percent certified and experienced and who truly care about the progress of every individual child.